Steelers MMQB: NFL Offseason News


What We Learned This Week in the NFL Offseason:

  • John Harbaugh’s team leading in NFL offseason arrests
  • Andy Dalton a $20 million quarterback?
  • Browns WR Josh Gordon cited for speeding w/weed in the car
  • Manziel a lot like RGIII?
  • Steelers receive additional cape space

Thirteen more Sundays without NFL football.

Apparently John Harbaugh isn’t too pleased with the fact that his team is leading the league with arrests this offseason and he’s going to do a really good job at making it look like he’s doing something about it. The Ravens had Justin Forsett taking reps with the first team during the first week of OTA’s and reporters across the league are crapping their pants to say that this is Harbaugh “sending a message” about the troubles Ray Rice and Lorenzo Taliaferro have gotten into this offseason. Yeah, could be that, or it could be he doesn’t want Forsett to not know the offense when he has to play Week 1 during Rice’s suspension. Harbaugh has been very vocal in his support of Ray Rice so I’m not buying this “hard line” BS one bit. He’d start Rice in a heartbeat Week 1 if he’s not suspended.

More from Steelers News

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton has led the team to the playoffs for the three straight seasons, an unprecedented event in the franchise’s history. He also hasn’t won a single playoff game, a typical event in the Bengals franchise history. So naturally that means he’ll get paid $20 million a year when the team extends his contract. I wouldn’t put it passed them. After all, they have repeatedly rewarded head coach Marvin Lewis with extensions for his years of zero playoff wins.

Josh Gordon is in trouble again. The Browns wide receiver, who led the league in receiving yards and yard per game last season, is already facing a possible lengthy suspension for multiple failed drug tests under the NFL’s substance abuse policy. He was just recently cited for speeding and the passenger in his car was cited for marijuana possession. That’s some good judgment right there. He should really start beating up women instead; the NFL doesn’t seem to have a problem with guys who do that at all.

Kyle Shanahan had the task of building an offense around Robert Griffin III in Washington. Now he’s crafting a new offense in Cleveland to feature Johnny Manziel. He seems to think that Manziel and RGIII are similar in styles.

"“Johnny and (Robert Griffin III) are very similar. They’re both talented guys who can make plays with their legs. But there comes a time in the NFL when they’re going to keep you in the pocket, and you’re going to have to have that ability to make the throws with your arm and mind. And Johnny, just like Robert, has that arm talent and intelligence to do that.” – Kyle Shanahan"

I wonder how many Cleveland Browns quarterbacks have been making throws with their minds?

With the beginning of June means the Steelers have the additional cap space we’ve all been waiting for. An additional $8 million was created as of June 1st and the Steelers are no doubt going to use that money sooner rather than later. They have five out of their nine draft picks signed and possible free agency additions of old favorites such as Brett Keisel or James Harrison. Should be an interesting few weeks to come.