Pittsburgh Steelers OTA’s: Spence Video A Welcome Sight


It’s unclear who shot the video at the Steelers practice facility.  Was it Mark Kaboly standing amongst other reporters?  Was it an assistant from the Trib and you can hear Kaboly talking in the background?  Was it Abraham Zapruder over looking the grassy knoll?

No matter who took the video, one thing is very clear – Pittsburgh Steelers LB Sean Spence does not appear to have lost speed or agility after practically obliterating his knee two seasons ago.

The above film was taken during reaction drills during a Steelers OTA session on Tuesday.  Once the coach makes his move to the left, Spence is very quick to react and makes no hesitation to get down and slide step quickly along the diagonally laid out cones.  I know what you’re all thinking.  And, I know what your hungry little fingers are just waiting to type out on those keys in the comments section.  This isn’t a game.  This isn’t even organized scrimmages.  It’s just drills.

I know.  I know.

But, you can’t argue that it’s great to see Spence out there with no hinderances.  He doesn’t even appear to be wearing any major hardware around the knee, so it seems as if he is very ‘stable’ at this point.  I can’t wait to see this guy in camp and during preseason games taking on ball carriers.  He has a lot to prove among this linebacking core since he has missed the last two seasons recovering from the injury.  The Steelers have maintained their faith in Spence.  Now it’s time for him to prove that it wasn’t at all wasted energy.

It’s fun to watch the whole video.  Lawrence Timmons follows Spence and is given some instruction on foot placement prior to making his move.  Even a vet like Timmons can use the coaching.  Rookie Ryan Shazier follows Timmons and is very quick with his feet as well.  Would love to see this kind of stuff streamed out in the world of the internets so I could watch from all the way out in the midwest.  Ah well, I’ll just have to slip Kaboly some cupcakes so he continues posting more videos like this one (if he was the one who took it).