Steelers Morning Huddle 6/5/14


Other than the little news coming out of OTA’s, there isn’t much to talk about in Steelers Nation.  Here are a few pieces to get you through you Thurday.

Pouncey Wants New Deal

According Alan Robinson of, Maurkice Pouncey and the Steelers front office are in the middle of contract discussions.  Even more importantly, Pouncey is willing to come back.  According to this, “If Mr. Rooney blesses me, it will be a dream come true,” Pouncey may be just as interested in staying in the Steel City as we are to have him back.  Pouncey is consistently one of the best centers in the NFL when he’s healthy, the only question is whether he will be healthy.  That has been the big issue with Pouncey, seeing as he hasn’t played a full 16 game season since 2010.  If he can stay healthy he will most likely be worth however much the team elects to give him.  For me at least, I would be ecstatic to have him back.

More from Steelers News

NFL Can Gain Conscience, and Keep Edge

This article on Bleacher Report, courtesy of Michael Schottey, may not be entirely Steelers related, but it’s a great read.  The second paragraph of the article is by far the one agree with the most.  Schottey says this, “Many fans, as well as older former players, coaches and other employees tend to fight against the idea of changing anything about the league’s DNA. To some extent, that makes sense, of course, as the old saying goes: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ The league is extremely ‘ain’t broken,’ and tinkering with the formula for success runs the risk of miserable circumstances.”  I one hundred percent whole heartedly can identify with this.  I love smash-mouth, physical, hard nosed football, and with the direction the NFL is turning that all may be gone in a few years.  Ryan Clark was probably my favorite Steelers’ player for the past few years, and most of that has to do with his game.  He laid big hits that completely changed the dynamic of the game.  Now that the rules are trying to prevent that, the game is becoming less exciting.  I understand that player safety is important, but I think the rules have gone too far at this point.  We need to find a happy medium between safe and exciting.  If we can do that, the league will be in a good place.