Steelers Morning Huddle 6/15/2014


Steelers season goes all year long so whether we’re breaking down draft choices, recapping OTA’s, or looking around for mentions of your Black & Gold we’ve got you covered. Here’s what’s being said about your Pittsburgh Steelers around the block.

Steeler Nation mourns Chuck Noll

Some of Chuck Noll’s former players shared their thoughts on the legendary coach after hearing news of his passing. From Franco Harris to Donnie Shell, each player tells of the lasting impression that Noll left on their lives not only as football players but also as men, husbands, and fathers.

"“With all the great players – Bradshaw, Swann, Franco, Lambert, Greene – we didn’t win championships without Chuck. He was the glue. He was the guy that got all of us to buy into how to win a championship. He took the lead. Obviously we were successful. There’s no question – you want to talk about an MVP of a very talented football team, it was Chuck. Preparation – he always felt you don’t win games on Sunday at 1 p.m. you win games in your preparation on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at practice. I think we all bought into that. We weren’t on the field long for practice but all the time was allocated in a very efficient manner. He told us one time, ‘You don’t learn anything five minutes before a football game is going to make you play any better or any worse, it’s your preparation.’ I think a lot of guys not only carried that in football but in their lives as well.” – Jack Ham"

Reactions to the news of Chuck Noll

Steeler Dads

In honor of Father’s Day, as well as to honor the late Chuck Noll, who obviously put forth effort into being a father figure for his players and a role model for themselves as fathers, I thought it would be great if we could all share memories of our Steeler Dads.

Me and my Steelers Dad

Many members of Steeler Nation were born into it either living in the area or being born into a family of Steeler fans. Mine was no different. I lost my dad almost two years ago and I don’t know what I miss more; watching Steelers football with him, or just talking about Steelers football with him. It was a proud moment for me when he would call me over and ask me a question about the team instead of me asking him. Watching football and learning all about the Steelers history was how I bonded with my dad. I made it my mission to impress him with all I could learn about the team.

What is your favorite Steeler memory or moment with your Steeler Dad?