Steelers MMQB: NFL Offseason News


What We Learned This Week in the NFL Offseason:

  • Even Johnny Manziel is tired of his own hype
  • DeSean Jackson throws hand gestures, not gang signs
  • Jaguars add a bigger screen to list of things fans can watch instead of the Jaguars at the game
  • Broncos CB Aqib Talib has a lawsuit on his hands after erroneous Dallas police report
  • Pete Prisco thinks Steelers Maurkice Pouncey is overrated, or maybe not

The NFL Rookies had their annual symposium last week so naturally that’s a perfect time for the press to talk again about Cleveland rookie quarterback, Johnny Manziel. But, even Manziel is tired of hearing his name being thrown out there all the time. Manziel realizes that his teammates must be annoyed with having to answer questions about him but at the same time doesn’t want to change his weekend activities of spraying champagne from inflatable pool toys and such. Unfortunately for the rest of us, his name isn’t likely to be taken out of rotation anytime soon. No matter how he plays when he actually sees the NFL field at some point, the internet will explode.

Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson has addressed the gang rumors leaked out before he was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles. He said that the signs that he displays, which at one point were alleged to be gang signs, are hand gestures meant for his childhood friends. The Eagles have always maintained that Jackson was cut as a football decision only. Jackson had 82 receptions for 1,332 yards and 9 touchdowns last season with the Eagles.

The Jaguars are making it super enticing for fans to go to their stadium this season and have a good time, not watching the Jaguars play. They’re already putting in two spas in the upper deck of the stadium that will include party cabanas and TV’s that will feature the NFL Redzone channel so fans can pay attention to other games. Now they’re adding a jumbotron that’s going to dwarf the Houston Texans stadium screen and the Dallas Cowboys screen. Because that’s important, having the biggest jumbotron screen in the NFL.

A bizarre story that came out on Sunday from the Dallas Police Department named Broncos cornerback Aqib Talib as a person who had been arrested the night before. Apparently, they had a “Talib” in police custody, Aqib’s brother Yaqub. Still, the “Breaking News” tweets came out directly from the department’s Twitter account that cornerback had been arrested. They’ve since apologized for the tweets. Pretty strange.

This particular part of the NFL offseason is ripe with rankings and lists per team. CBS Sports writer Pete Prisco decided to take his hand at the NFL’s most over and underrated players per team. For the Steelers he decided that center Maurkice Pouncey was the most overrated and offensive tackle Kelvin Beachum was the most underrated. What is strange is that he comments how some don’t think the Steelers missed Pouncey all that much last season while he was injured, but he disagrees with that assessment. Odd that he still thinks he’s overrated though.