Steelers Morning Huddle 7/10/14


We are coming very near the beginning of training camp, so naturally there are more topics for articles than just a few months ago.  Here are a couple Steelers articles to get you through Thursday.

Sleepers to Watch in Camp

To be a good football team in the NFL, you need to have depth.  The depth on the Steelers would receive a big boost if some fairly unknown names were able to make the roster and an impact.  This article, by Chris Gazze, profiles 7 guys who have a shot at making an impact after being close calls to make the roster.  The names that stand out the most to me are Wesley Johnson and Josh Mauro.  Both are rookies who were selected at the end of the draft and signed as a UDFA, respectively.  Their names stand out to me because I don’t think they will, or should, be close calls to make the roster.  Johnson should be far from the last offensive lineman to make the roster, mostly due to Guy Whimper’s presence.  While, Mauro, has more to offer than Daniel McCullers does along the defensive line.  Hopefully the coaching staff is able to recognize that they have a lot to give and in turn gives them a place on the roster.

Respecting PIT-BAL Rivalry

Straight from the SB Nation site of the Baltimore Ravens comes this article, profiling what to respect about “the black and yellow adversaries”.  Sure both teams and their fans hate each other with a passion, but there is truly something great about the rivalry.  Aside from it being the best rivalry the NFL has to offer, there is a lot to respect about the other team.  The articles writer, Kyle Barber, points to the Steelers’ six Super Bowl titles as the reason, above all else, to respect them.  He also points to the fantastic drafting that the front office has managed to pull off throughout history.  In the words of Terrell Suggs, “When it comes to football, it’s the most physical game of the year”.  A truer sentence has never been spoken.