Did the Pittsburgh Steelers Make a Mistake By Giving Maurkice Pouncey a Massive Contract?


Just one month after the Pittsburgh Steelers made Maurkice Pouncey the highest paid center in NFL history, his name has recently been in the news for yet another off the field incident down in Miami.  Both he and his twin brother Mike could be facing a lawsuit claiming they assaulted a man in a nightclub.  After the dust had settled it appears that neither Pouncey brother was involved in the alleged altercation according to the police but that is besides that point.  We all know that the Pouncey twins were friends with Aaron Hernandez during their time as Florida Gators.  Now I am not inferring at all that the Pouncey bros were or are tied to Hernandez and his crimes.  What I am saying though is that it’s getting very tiring to keep hearing Maurkice’s name come up every offseason for something he and his brother did wrong.  Last year it was the brilliant idea to wear “Free Hernandez” shirts to a club.  This year it’s the alleged assault.  Trouble or controversy seems to follow these two.

As far as on the field, I think Pouncey is worth $44 million the Steelers gave him.  In his four-year career, Maurkice is a three-time Pro Bowler and by most accounts he is considered the top center in the game.  Last year he went down with an ACL injury in week one but the Steelers showed their faith in him by rewarding him with the large contract.  At the time I thought it was a great plan to lock up a premier player at his position, despite Ben Roethlisberger also needing an extension.

Now I’m not so sure giving the 24-year-old Pouncey such a huge contract.  First off it remains to be seen if Pouncey will get back to his All-Pro level of play on the field.  Hopefully the ACL is fully healed and his health won’t be an issue.  Furthermore, Pouncey needs to show the Steelers he is responsible enough to live up to the expectations of the contract.  I’m sure the front office isn’t too pleased that just 30 days after having him sign the dotted line he is now being mentioned in police reports.  Whether anything happened in this alleged altercation or not the last thing the Steelers need is to have to constantly worry about their $44 million dollar man getting in trouble with the law.

What do you think Steelers Nation?  Am I overreacting about this latest Pouncey incident?  Or are his off the field actions beginning to become a serious problem?