Steelers Morning Huddle 7/17/14


Training Camp is now only about a week away, which means the best time of year follows shortly thereafter.  Here are some articles to get you a day closer.

Areas of Concern Entering Camp

Andrew Watkins of Bleacher Report recently wrote a column profiling the 4 biggest areas of concern for the Pittsburgh Steelers entering 2014 training camp.  He lists the 4 biggest areas of concern as defensive end, outside linebacker, potential injury, and the offensive line.  First of all, listing potential injury is kind of cheating.  Of course potential injury would be the biggest are of concern for any team.  Second of all, I am shocked that the secondary isn’t listed.  Mostly because the only starter I have faith in is Troy Polamalu.  That’s 1 of 4, 1 of 4!  Third of all I completely agree with listing defensive end and outside linebacker, they are undeniably in a questionable position due to a lack of experience.  The offensive line, however, in my opinion at least, isn’t in that questionable of a position.  They probable won’t be great, but they will undeniably be better than in years past.  When Marcus Gilbert is the biggest question mark on the line, you’re not in a bad position.

Moves the Steelers Should Have Made

In another article from Bleacher Report, Chis Gazze gives readers the 5 moves he thinks the Steelers should have made this offseason.  The list goes like this; waited to extend Maurkice Pouncey, signed a veteran defensive end, add outside linebacker depth, placed higher priority on wide receiver, and drafted Jaylen Watkins.  Most of these, really all of these, I can’t argue with.  They absolutely should have waited to extend Maurkice Pouncey (since he did beat a guy in a night club earlier this week).  Veteran depth at defensive end and outside linebacker surely would have helped, even if for nothing else than to mentor young talent.  It’s also very hard to argue that placing more attention on wide receiver wouldn’t have helped the offense.  Whether that is drafting one on day 2 of the draft or signing a high end free agent.  Lastly, if I don’t agree with anything else on this list, the one thing I would agree with is that they should have drafted Jaylen Watkins.  In my opinion, he would have been able to come in and immediately take over slot cornerback duties.  In my opinion he could even challenge for #2 or even #1 cornerback duties.  He could also have played free safety.  He is very versatile, but also a very good football player.  He would be a huge upgrade over fifth round pick Shaq Richardson.