A Fan’s Guide to Pittsburgh Steelers Training Camp


For the 49th year the Pittsburgh Steelers will enter the dorms of Saint Vincent College in Latrobe just a few days from now. If you’ve never been to Steelers training camp you should do yourself a favor and put it on your list of places to go. The scenery is great, the experience is memorable, and it’s absolutely free.

Every open practice is free for the public to watch, typically at 2:55 pm each day when listed as an open practice but it’s good to arrive early for both parking purposes and before practice is the prime time to get autographs from players. Everything is free including the parking; however, the parking at Saint Vincent extends literally into corn fields so if you’re not into a long hike through the corn fields of Latrobe on your way down to the field, arrive early for a prime spot. Also, players are much more willing and eager to interact with the fans for autographs and pictures before their practice. If you consider the fact that after practice they’re tired and whatnot, it’s understandable that the likelihood of snagging a player for a selfie after they’ve just ran 2 hours’ worth of drills isn’t as great as it is when they’re heading down to the field to start.

One event during Steelers training camp fans should be sure to check out is the night practice held at Memorial Stadium in Latrobe. The players board school buses from Saint Vincent and head over to Memorial Stadium in the evening for a “Friday Night Lights” style practice. This year’s night practice will be on Friday, Aug. 1st.

Aug 12, 2013; Latrobe, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney (left) and Saint Vincent College vice president Fr. Paul Taylor (right) observe drills during training camp at Saint Vincent College. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Additionally, Steelers fans might notice some different colors being worn around the campus on Wednesday, Aug. 13th and Thursday, Aug. 14th, which are the two joint-practices the Steelers are having with the Buffalo Bills. The practice on the 14th will be another night practice, but held at Saint Vincent.

When you arrive for practice you can set up in the bleachers at Chuck Noll Field or bring a picnic basket and cooler and set up shop on the hill to check out all the action.

There will be vendors selling refreshments as well as all the Steelers merchandise you could want to gear up for the new season. No alcohol is permitted, so just remember it ain’t that kind of party. Save your drinking for the season!

Here is the schedule of practices for Steelers 2014 Training Camp:

  • Friday, July 25 – Players report to camp
  • Saturday, July 26 – Open practice
  • Sunday, July 27 – Open practice
  • Monday, July 28 – Open practice (first practice in pads)
  • Tuesday, July 29 – Off day; no practice
  • Wednesday, July 30 – Open practice
  • Thursday, July 31 – Open practice
  • Friday, Aug. 1 – Night Practice at Memorial Stadium (7 p.m.)
  • Saturday, Aug. 2 – Open practice
  • Sunday, Aug. 3 – Open practice
  • Monday, Aug. 4 – Open practice
  • Tuesday, Aug. 5 – Off day; no practice
  • Wednesday, Aug. 6 – Open practice
  • Thursday, Aug. 7 – Open practice
  • Friday, Aug. 8 – Travel day; no practice
  • Saturday, Aug. 9 – Preseason game at N.Y. Giants
  • Sunday, Aug. 10 – Off day; no practice
  • Monday, Aug. 11 – Open practice
  • Tuesday, Aug. 12 – Open practice
  • Wednesday, Aug. 13 – Open practice with Buffalo Bills
  • Thursday, Aug. 14 – Open practice with Buffalo Bills (5:30 p.m.)
  • Friday, Aug. 15 – No practice
  • Saturday, Aug. 16 – Players break camp

So, Steeler Nation, plan your trip to Latrobe because a week from today players report to camp to start off the 2014 season! Here we go Steelers, Here we go!

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