Evaluating the Steelers 2014 Schedule


Now that training camp is only 3 days away, it seems like a good time to analyze the Steelers’ 2014 schedule.  Here is a game by game analysis for the Steelers’ 2014 schedule.  Here we go evaluating the Steelers 2014 schedule.

Week 1: vs Cleveland

Result: Win

This is a great beginning to the season for the Steelers.  At home against Cleveland is probably the easiest game on the schedule.  As long as the team doesn’t stumble out of the gate, then this should be an easy W to begin the season.

Week 2: at Baltimore

Result: Loss

Playing at Baltimore is a tough way to follow up the game versus Cleveland.  The season series’ versus Baltimore are usually split right down the middle, so it’s only fair to give each team a win at home.

Week 3: at Carolina

Result: Win

Carolina was outstanding last season, mostly due to their defense.  This year, however, their offense and defense are both worse.  The offense should be among the worst in the league.  The defense will be hurt by Greg Hardy’s suspension and the awful secondary.

Week 4: vs Tampa Bay

Result: Win

Tampa Bay’s roster may be improved from last year, but they still aren’t on par with the Steelers.  This game should be very contested, but the Buccaneers simply don’t have the talent on their roster to win this game.  Yet.

Week 5: vs Jacksonville

Result: Loss

Based off of the talent on their roster the Steelers should come out with a W, but the Steelers seem to play to the competition.  The Jaguars, in particular, are a team that the Steelers struggle with.  This game could hurt the momentum the Steelers have going.

Week 6: at Cleveland

Result: Win

The Browns defense should still be very good compared to the rest of their roster, but the offense is just the opposite.  The entire offense, save the offensive line, is just horrendous.  They should be two easy wins this year.

Week 7: vs Houston

Result: Win

The Texans roster doesn’t look like a team that just picked first overall last season.  They look more like a team that was close to making the playoffs.  They still shouldn’t be that competitive because Ryan Fitzpatrick is their starting quarterback.  Gross.

Week 8: vs Indianapolis

Result: Loss

Even though the Colts roster as a whole may not be that great, but Andrew Luck is good enough to propel the offense forward.  He even propels the entire team forward.  He should expose the Steelers awful cornerbacks.

Week 9: vs Baltimore

Nov 28, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers running back LeVeon Bell (26) is tackled after a one yard gain by Baltimore Ravens tackle Arthur Jones (97) and linebacker Elvis Dumervil (58) during a NFL football game on Thanksgiving at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Result: Win

It’s a fair bet that the Steelers and Ravens will split the season series this year.  I expect that they will each win the home game.

Week 10: at New York Jets

Result: Win

The Jets defense is quietly among the tops in the league, but the offense should hold them back once again.  Geno Smith throwing to the ho-hum group of receivers, behind a mediocre offensive line, with support in the running game from Chris Johnson and Chris Ivory.

Week 11: at Tennessee

Result: Win

I expect that the Titans could be a sleeper team this year.  They have a real chance to be a fringe playoff team this year.  The defense should be above average and Ken Whisenhunt is now running the offense with a stud offensive line.

Week 13: vs New Orleans

Result: Loss

The Saints have a hugely improved defense this year with an outstanding secondary.  Their team should still be carried, however, by the outstanding offense.  Drew Brees will carry the offense while throwing to his great stable of receivers.

Week 14: at Cincinnati

Result: Loss

Cincinnati is another team that the Steelers figure to split the season series with.  The loss against New Orleans could send the Steelers into a mini tailspin here.

Week 15: at Atlanta

Result: Loss

The mini tailspin continues as the Steelers lose their second straight game to an NFC South foe.  Matt Ryan throwing to Roddy White and Julio Jones figures to tear the Steelers’ secondary apart.

Week 16: vs Kansas City

Result: Win

If there is any team in the NFL that I can see going from being a playoff team to picking in the top 10 of the draft this year.  The defense should still be above average.  The offense, however, will probably be carried by Jamaal Charles again.

Week 17: vs Cincinnati

Result: Win

After losing the first match with the Bengals, the Steelers even it back up with this win.  The teams should have a much more even talent level than they did last year, the Steelers are probably even more talented this year.

Final Record: 10-6

What do you think Steelers Nation?  Is this an accurate prediction?  How do you think the season goes?