NFL, Goodell Ultimate Failure With Ray Rice Suspension


Dec 16, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

There’s really nothing cute or funny to come up with to start this off.

The NFL and the Commish, Rodger Goodell, suck.  They royally suck.  As of late Thursday morning, they became the biggest royal jagoffs to grace all of sports.  That’s as being nice as I can without having to censor this post.

In case you missed it, the NFL and the big ginger handed down Ray Rice’s punishment for violating the personal conduct code.  The offense – he punched his fiancee, knocked her unconscious, and then dragged her out of an elevator shaft before putting her on the floor.  It’s all on video.  The punishment?

Two Games.  Two.

This complete and utter failure has simply outraged just about anyone on this planet.  Unless you’re this guy.  And, the outrage is completely justified.  In one fell swoop, Goodell and the NFL have completely destroyed any shred of credibility and integrity they may have had left after so many blunders over the last eight years.

Here’s what we really learned from this suspension:

– Roger Goodell continues to be consistent about being inconsistent when it comes to dishing out penalties.

– Smoking pot is far worse of an offense to the NFL than hitting a woman.

– Physical violence is more acceptable than racial slurs and bullying.

– Jerry Glanville had it all wrong.  The NFL stands for – Not For Ladies

– The NFL does not care about its female fan base or women in general.

– Breast Cancer Awareness is looking more like a sham and ruse from the league.  If they really cared about women, the punishment would have been more severe.

– The owners will always always always get better treatment over its players.  This had as much to do with Rice’s conduct as it did to do with the amount of money the Ravens have already invested and paid out to Rice in his contract.  To lose him for a large chunk of the season or for the entire year or longer would be a huge loss to the Ravens organization.  Now we wouldn’t that now would we?  Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if the organization had Ray Rice’s wife come back on camera and tell the world how sorry she is for making Ray miss two games this season.  Oh and Jim Irsay received no punishment from the league earlier this year….

It’s so frustrating to be a fan of this league sometimes.  Today takes the cake.  What are we telling our young men in this world?  What are we telling women?  I said it in a tweet earlier on Thursday, and I’ll say it again here:  It’s no wonder why there are so many players that come into this league with behavioral problems – whether it’s drug use, DUI’s, and other poor conduct.  Why should they ever have to mature and clean up their acts?  What incentive do they have?  What examples?  The NFL just said with this suspension that there’s no offense too great.  A little suspension and all is well.

If I were Josh Gordon, I would be on the phone with my union and agent and beating down the NFL’s door to let me in and ensure that the suspension I’m about to get is no more than what Rice got.  How can any penalty that Goodell hands down get taken with any seriousness because of his Bizzarro World philosophy he uses to determine punishments?

There were some big losers in todays decision – the safety of women, Ray Rice’s wife, and NFL fans everywhere.  Rice is the big winner of the day, but he and anyone else who believes his level of suspension as the ‘right call’ are the biggest losers of them all.  Rodger Goodell has successfully become the biggest failure of a human being.