Steelers Morning Huddle 8/7/14


Two, that’s right, two! That’s the number of days until Steelers football is officially here for the next 4-6 months.  Here are some articles to help you stay sane through these two days.

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Camp Confidential

Over on ESPN, Scott Brown wrote up an article detailing how camp has gone so far.  He listed three reasons to be optimistic and three reasons to be pessimistic about the season ahead.  The reasons he said that fans should be optimistic are an abundance of talent at inside linebacker, Roethlisberger has stayed sharp despite contract talk, and the offensive line could be really good if it can stay healthy.  Not much to disagree with here.  The inside linebacker stable is loaded this year, after it was somewhat bare last year.  The offensive line also has a chance to be a top-15 group this year if they can stay healthy like Brown said.  The three things Brown says fans could be pessimistic about are LeGarrette Blount’s on-field behavior, Mike Mitchell’s groin injury, and Antonio Brown getting a lot of targets.  I don’t think that Blount’s behavior is that big of an issue and I actually like having a back with a fiery temper.  Mike Mitchell’s groin injury and Antonio Brown getting an abundance of target’s could be bigger issues.  Mitchell needs as much time in camp as possible since he is new to the defense this year.  It’s also concerning that Brown is seeing so many targets because that is very likely to continue in the regular season unless Markus Wheaton or someone else can take a step up.

What To Watch For In Preseason

Curt Popejoy published an article today over at Bleacher Report about what to watch for in the Steelers’ upcoming preseason games.  The things he lists, in order, are the no-huddle offense, big hits, young receivers, who will step up at corner,  and multiple defensive fronts.  All of these things and their success in the preseason will go a long way into determining how the regular season will play out.  In my opinion, the no-huddle offense, young receivers, and the search for who will step up at corner will have the biggest impact.  Last year when Todd Haley finally gave more control of the offense to Big Ben, the unit started performing at a much higher level.  There’s no reason to think the same won’t happen this year.  If one of the young receivers on the roster is able to step up and become a contributor, it could make almost as big of an impact on the offense.  A cornerback stepping up on the defensive side of the ball could also make a huge impact.  As much or maybe even more of an impact than a wide receiver stepping up would.

Only two more days Steelers fans.