Steelers Fall To Giants 20-16: Four Takeaways

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Howard Jones Becoming “Camp Story”

Every year in Steelers camp there is a player who begins to unexpectedly stand out among the others.  And, it’s usually a late round or undrafted rookie.  They may not always make the team in the end, but their hard work and production in camp and in preseason games certainly gets the attention of the coaches and fans.  Howard Jones is begging to step forward as one of those camp stories.  Since about mid-week of week one of camp, Jones’ name has been mentioned more and more often.  He’s quick, he’s been beating his assignments, and is a good guy who is easy to like.

Jones’ bright spot during the Giants game on Saturday evening came when Giants QB Ryan Nassib’s lateral screen was tipped by Steelers Vic So’oto before reaching the intended target.  The ball bounced backwards a few yards, and Jones maintained his pursuit of the ball knowing that no whistle had been blown yet.  Jones recovered the football and took it to the end zone for a TD.  It was a great heads up play by Jones.  It was a splash play and a significant one as it gave the Steelers the lead late in the game.