Pittsburgh Steelers RB’s Bell and Blount Arrested


The Steelers were able to squeak through damned near the entire offseason and half of the preseason without a single arrest. Until now. Reports have surfaced that both Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were arrested and charged with marijuana possession in a traffic stop in Ross Township early Wednesday afternoon. Bell was also charged with a DUI.

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There was a third person in the car, an unidentified female. It is also unclear as to whether or not the two running backs accompanied the team, who traveled to Philadelphia this afternoon for their Thursday night preseason game. The team reported on their Twitter feed that they landed in Philadelphia around 4pm ET.

The reality of the situation with Bell and Blount’s arrest is that they most likely won’t face any discipline from the league until the legal process has worked its way out. In which case, if the two are able to have this unidentified female say the marijuana was hers, they could get off Scott free. However, Bell could face up to a game suspension from the league for a DUI, although the league hasn’t actually suspended a player for a DUI arrest in quite some time.

When it comes to how the team will handle this, is a different story. If you’ll remember Santonio Holmes was deactivated for the next regular-season game with pay and then released the following offseason. I can’t imagine anyone in the Steelers organization happy with their two running backs finding it a good idea to drive around the suburbs of Pittsburgh with an inebriated driver and marijuana in the car.