Pittsburgh Steelers Week 1 Winners and Losers


As horrific as the second half was for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the record will still say 1-0, despite what the stats say for the say for the second half of the game. Tomorrow will be a new day and lots of work to do with a short week as the Steelers play Baltimore on Thursday. Before we completely forget the Browns game, let’ s take a look at your winners and losers for the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Ben Roethlisberger

The only reason the Steelers were even close to contention was because of Big Ben. He had a career first half and threw for a total of 365 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. I can’t imagine life with Ben on the Steelers.

Le’Veon Bell

The other energizer on the offensive side of the ball, Bell was making plays all over the field. Whether it was in the passing game or rushing game, Bell did something with the ball and a very inconsistent offensive line. Another positive, Bell ran for 109 yards.

Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton

First and foremost, Antonio Brown picked up right where he left off, completely demoralizing opposing defenses. No matter where the ball is thrown, it seems like Brown comes up with it. He had a touchdown and 116 yards in the game. On the opposite side of Brown was first year starter Markus Wheaton, and he was doing his best Antonio Brown impression in the second half, bailing out the Steelers and putting them in field goal range with 20 seconds left in the game. He ended up with 97 yards receiving in the game.

Shaun Suisham

The reason he was extended this offseason, Suisham is money. He made all of his extra point kicks, which are still givens. and nailed both of his field goals, one of them being the game winner. Also, welcome back Greg Warren.


Offensive Line

The offensive line was about as inconsistent as it could have been in this game. One play Ben would have 10 seconds to throw the ball, the next he was getting sacked by about 8 defenders (kidding). They were the reason the Steelers offense couldn’t get anything going the second half. They also allowed Ben to be sacked 4 times in the game. Not a good start for Mike Munchak and his offensive line.

Defensive Line

Didn’t get a good look at individuals on the defensive line, but as a unit they played atrocious. They allowed no name running backs to rush for over 150 yards. They looked tired and gas’d the entire second half and consistently let the ball carriers to the second level. Also, not much pressure on the quarterback outside of Cameron Heywards late sack.

Ike Taylor

Taylor is another player who looked to pick up right where he left off, old and slow. He got called for penalties, got beat for touchdowns and didn’t have the best coverage on mediocre receivers. I couldn’t imagine if Josh Gordon played. He also dropped a very catchable interception. Taylor very well could be moved down the depth chart behind Cortez Allen if he continues the play we have seen for over a season now.

All in all, however, a win is a win and give it a day before you jump off the bandwagon. See ya Thursday night. Let me know what you think about the article by leaving a comment!