Steelers Morning Huddle


Welcome to Week 2 of the 2014 NFL Regular season. The Steelers are preparing for facing the Baltimore Ravens in Baltimore and we’re busy looking around for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s what’s being said about your Pittsburgh Steelers around the block for Tuesday, Sept. 9th.

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Steeler Nation is the best

So says Heath Miller, apparently. The Steelers hosted their annual Ladies’ Night Out even on Monday night at Heinz Field and according to Teresa Varley Heath Miller and many of the other Steelers recognize how large the portion of Steeler Nation is comprised of women. The annual event is one where the ladies of Steeler Nation can get a tour of Heinz Field, participate in on field drills with former Steelers, and hear from current Steelers players. Heath Miller told the group that he appreciates their passion and knowledge of the game.

"“Steelers Nation is the best fan base in the league and we have a lot of women who make up that group. I am always impressed with how much they know about the game and how involved they are in watching it and cheering us on. It’s good to see.” – Heath Miller"

 Steelers defense trying to get on same page

As ESPN Steelers reporter Scott Brown explains, the Steelers defense was caught off guard and unprepared for the up-tempo no-huddle offense the Browns employed in the second half of Sunday’s 30-27 win. The defense allowed the Browns to run and pass the ball with ease as they erased a 24-point deficit to tie the game. On a short week the Steelers are tasked with making sure they’re prepared for seeing more no-huddle in the game. There’s no way the Ravens don’t come out with a no-huddle offense given what the Steelers just put on tape.

Steelers no-huddle

The Steelers are going to be practicing no-huddle all over the friggin place according to Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette of the PPG. Not only is the defense preparing against it, as Brown explained above, but the Steelers offense saw how successful they were running it when they were basically unstoppable in the first half of the game. The offense came out in the second half and played a prevent-style offense instead of using the no-huddle primarily. As a result the offense stalled out and it put the defense back on the field repeatedly. Better offense out of the Steelers in the second half and that game would have taken a dramatically different turn, or a more familiar turn from what we were already seeing in the first half.