Former Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison Retires To A Glass House


Former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison is only a few days into retirement, and is already mouthing off to his regular nemesis, NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell.  In a tweet following a 36 hour period where the raw footage inside the elevator where Ray Rice assaults his then fiancee is released, Ray Rice is released from the Ravens and suspended indefinitely from the NFL, and Goodell began his ‘valiant’ defense of ingorance, Harrison sticks it to Goodell.

The old saying goes that children should be seen and not heard.  The same should be said of some retired NFL players such as Harrison.  Freshly retired Harrison signed a contract with the Steelers last week so that he could retire as one.  And, no more than a week into spending his days working out for fun rather than for a paycheck, Harrison has decided to inject himself into the foray taking place on social media regarding the assault of Janay Rice from her husband Ray.

While most comments from NFL consumers and media types from all disciplines are full of well pointed acid and vinegar, Harrison takes the low road and takes a shot at Goodell.  It’s a clear reference of how much hot water the Ginger Commish is in and how ironic this has become for the man who decided he was “man” enough to shoulder more power than he could actually handle.

I admit I chuckled at first at Harrison’s comments.  It’s funny that at last Harrison, who fell victim to numerous fines and punishments from Goodell over his own career, gets his golden opportunity so early after exiting the NFL arena.  It’s a bit of vindication for Deebo and Steeler fans across the world.  It’s truly tragic irony that the very thing that Goodell fought very hard for in the CBA is the very thing is taking him down and will be his demise.  So why not let Harrison have his moment?

Simple.  He’s a former domestic attacker.  Harrison was arrested in March of 2008 for simple assault involving his wife.  Harrison honed up to his guilt and entered an anger management program – essentially getting the charges dropped.  He never served time, and retained his roster spot on the Steelers.  The Steelers kept Harrison despite releasing Cedrick Wilson after a very similar incident.  (Here’s a hint, Harrison was very valuable to the team, much like Rice was.)  Harrison was lucky.  There was no video to push through social media.  There was no major outcry.

Rice, not so much.

There’s another well known saying that folks should not throw stones in glass houses.  Perhaps Harrison should head that advice before taking more shots at Goodell or anyone else involved.