Steelers MMQB: NFL Week 5 Wrap Up


What We Learned in Week 5 in the NFL

  •  Pink month begins in the NFL
  • Peyton Manning throws 500th TD in offensive explosion over Cardinals
  •  NFL bans Beats headphones
  •  Browns come back against Titans, get down in the locker room
  •  Jets get blanked by Chargers
  •  Steve Smith used all his good plays up against his old team last week
  •  Tom Brady gets high fives now
  • Jaguars mascot is a Jagoff
  • Steelers defense comes through for a win in Jacksonville

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It’s here. Pink has invaded the NFL again this year for breast cancer awareness. Sure, the NFL cares about breasts more than the women they’re attached too, but the important thing is that the overall message this month with all these pink gloves, shoes, ribbons, banners, and towels are that exams and mammograms are so very beneficial for early detection. Cancer is a bitch and has already taken way too many people. If there’s something that goes on this large of a level that can help prevent cancer from taking more people then it’s not such a bad thing, however hypocritical it may look. Breasts bring so many people in the world such happiness, we should all be doing our part to protect and take care of them.

Peyton Manning became just the second quarterback in NFL history to throw for 500 touchdowns on Sunday afternoon. He reached this milestone in 49 fewer games than it took for Brett Favre to get there, and that’s with missing the entire 2011 season. Ben Roethlisberger would have probably gotten there by now if it wasn’t for Todd Haley. Am I right? Peyton didn’t stop at No. 500 as he threw three more touchdowns and 479 yards in an offensive explosion on the previously undefeated Arizona Cardinals. The Denver Broncos offense dwarfed the Cardinals in overall yards with 568 to 215.

Now that the NFL has struck a deal with Bose to be the exclusive “sound” provider to the league in the form of the coaches’ headsets, the league had to officially ban players from being photographed or taped wearing anything else. That means those shots of players entering or exiting the stadium wearing those Beats By Dre headphones aren’t likely to happen anymore. If a player is caught wearing those headphones not officially sponsored by the league it will most likely result in a fine like wearing the wrong color socks or a different brand of workout gear during warmups would be. Because, priorities.

The Tennessee Titans jumped out to a 25-point lead against the Cleveland Browns, who looked dead in the water through most of the game on Sunday. Then the Browns decided to stage the largest comeback in league history by a road team by scoring 26 unanswered points including the 6-yard touchdown pass from Brian Hoyer to Travis Benjamin with just over a minute to play to seal the victory for Cleveland.
Then this happened in the locker room.

Last week the New York Jets fans chanted that they wanted Michael Vick in the game. On Sunday they got their wish when Vick entered the game in the second half for Geno Smith. The Jets then proceeded to continue to be shut out by the San Diego Chargers. That’s so very Jets of them. Head coach Rex Ryan said after the game that Geno would be the quarterback starting next week because of course he would.

Remember last week when Baltimore Ravens WR Steve Smith unleashed the beast against his former team and everyone was all like “he’s still got it!”? Maybe the Ravens should just play the Panthers each week, although I would think it would be hard for Smith to keep up that intensity with that much repetition but you never know. Smith fumbled on the Ravens’ first offensive play and the Ravens weren’t able to recover from their turnovers while the Colts were and handed the Ratbirds their second loss of the season.

There was a time when no one would give Tom Brady a high five. It even extended to the owner of the Patriots, Robert Kraft, when he was denied a high five by Marky Mark. I’m sure Brady went home each night and cried himself to sleep on his pillow that’s probably lined with whatever is on the inside of Ugg boots. Last week Brady was so sad and mad at realizing that even with a healthy Rob Gronkowski they still might lose a game or two here and there. Good thing for Brady that he played the Bengals on Sunday night and there was some lofty talk about them being such a great team poised to make a deep playoff run. They must have heard “playoff” and instantly realized it was their duty to lose the game. Now I may have just cracked the code to beating the Bungles this year. You’re welcome.

Oct 5, 2014; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson carries a Pittsburgh Steelers “Terrible Towel” and a sign after their game at EverBank Field. The Pittsburgh Steelers won 17-9. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

This right here is some bullsh*t. It’s tacky, not funny, and dumb. Please. You’re a mascot. Your job is to not sweat to death, take pictures, and throw some free t-shirts at fans. Also, the Jacksonville stadium has a swimming pool in it. That thing is friggin ridiculous. There was a woman in the pool wearing jeans. Get your sh*t together, Jacksonville.

It wasn’t a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination by the Steelers in their 17-9 victory over Jacksonville on Sunday afternoon but still a victory nonetheless. This time when the Steelers defense needed a stop in the fourth quarter, they got it. And then when the offense needed to ice the game and retain possession, they did. The Steelers defense maintained time of possession for almost eleven minutes more than Jacksonville; they kept their penalties down drastically from last week even with a few more head-scratching penalties, and even caught a pick-6 from Blake Bortles keeping Dick LeBeau’s reputation against rookie quarterbacks intact. The Steelers offense only scored one touchdown on four trips to the endzone but, obviously a win is still a win. On to Cleveland!

Here we go Steelers! Here we go!