Steelers Embarrassingly Fall To Browns: Instant Reaction


The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered another embarrassing loss on the season putting that total to three of six on the season.  This time it was at the hands of the Cleveland Browns.  Whelp, when the Steelers lose, they go down in a heap.  It’s shocking, based on how the Steelers have played overall this season, that the Browns did not complete the comeback in Week 1 and beat the Steelers back then.  Sad to say, the Browns are for real.   They came to play this Sunday and completely exposed the Steelers for the mediocre team they’ve been groomed to be.  It’s a tough pill to swallow when the tables are turned.

Since the Steelers went up big on the Browns in the first half of Week 1, the Browns have outscored the Steelers 55-13.  55-13.

That Steelers D that everyone was feeling so warm and special about so far this season?  Almost non existent after the first quarter on Sunday.  The Steelers run defense stood tall and then did a 180 in the second quarter.  By the game’s end, the defense gave up three rushing TD’s.  Not to be outdone in the suck category, the coverage out in the secondary was about up there as a high school team.  No press coverage and fooled on play actions, the corners and safeties looked lost half the time.  Troy lead the way of the “Lost Boys” with his continual roaming of the field and missing out on giving over the top help to some of his corner back brethren.  The corners are just as much at fault to play a route with the expectation of getting that help.  The Brown’s TE Jordon Cameron had two huge pass catches – one for a TD and one that lead to a TD – where that was the exact case.  My new nickname for these guys – The Lost Boys.  And not the cool vampire kind either.

The Steelers offense, to the surprise of no one, was equally as awful.  Did anyone really expect the Steelers to attack and score points on a defense that lacked their starters due to injury when they couldn’t do it against the horrid defenses of the Bucs and Jags?  The game plan was a questionable one once again.  The offense went in the total opposite direction in play calling by running the ball about a million times in the first quarter.  Ok it was 14 times in the first quarter.  Bell was effective, but QB Ben Roethlisberger had one pass completion and another attempt that went for a pass interference.  The Steelers had two Red Zone possessions in that first quarter and only came away with three points.  Three.

Now it’s not all Haley play calling that can be blamed in a loss like this.  The offense looked like they did not practice all week.  Roethlisberger was not in sync with anyone, most notably Markus Wheaton.  Big Ben had one of his worst statistical days in a while.  The drops didn’t help.  The Steelers did score a TD during garbage time.  Lance Moore caught a pass across the middle and made the extra effort to get in.  Probably the best effort on offense from a player all day.  RB Le’Veon Bell racked up his usual 100 yards from scrimmage, but quite honestly who the hell cares after such a beating like this from a team that usually is on this side of embarrassment.

The tape will be watched.  The fingers will be pointed.  But this loss is on everyone from the top down.  Poor play calling, poor game preparation, even poorer execution by the players.  The Steelers have three consecutive home games.  I don’t think Heinz Field will be full and rocking any time soon (except maybe against the Ravens when they retire Joe Greene’s number).  The Texans are up next, and you can expect that the Steelers will have their hands full with a ramped up JJ Watt & Co.

3-3 doesn’t sound so bad on the surface, but deep down, this team is reeling and in big trouble.