NFL Power Rankings Wrap-up: Pittsburgh Steelers Week 7


The Steelers got pounded by an average Browns team. The defense was consistently fooled on misdirection plays, and the secondary is in complete shambles. After his performance last year, I thought Troy Polamalu could be a bright spot. Unfortunately, the bright spot is simply the light on the train that continues to run us over each week.  Here is how the Steelers performance played in the NFL power rankings:

"What the heck has happened to this team? They hardly resemble the team we saw late last season. – Pete Prisco (CBS Sports, Ranked #21)"

This is a great point. What happened to the team that went 6-2 down the stretch? Where is the team that just needed a few pieces to get back to its winning ways?

"Antonio Brown now has 22 straight games with at least five receptions and 50 yards, the longest streak in NFL history. There wasn’t much else to be excited about Sunday. – (Ranked #22)"

Well at least Lance Moore stopped his streak of dropping passes to catch a TD in the fourth quarter. When it meant nothing at all. Here’s another streak that seems to be consistent this year. 34 points in 10 quarters against the Bucs, Jags and Browns. How about 13 points in the last six quarters against the Browns? Dismal.

"Brutal game for Ben Roethlisberger, who came into Cleveland with an 18-1 career record against the Browns — and left with an 18-2 mark. Pittsburgh was out of sorts all day, with the defense completely on its heels. Cleveland ran … and ran … and ran the football some more. Oddly enough, while these two teams are in the thick of the AFC North race, they are done facing off this season — unless they meet in January.  – Elliott Harrison (, Ranked #19)"

Two teams in the thick of the AFC North race? Well, he’s half right. The way the Steelers are playing right now the only way they see the Browns in January is at a New Years Day party.

"After scoring first, the Steelers were dominated on both sides of the ball by a Browns team that they had already defeated in Week 1. Their defense is a mess that keeps compounding on itself each week and their pass coverage only seems to be getting worse.  –Dan Schneier (FoxSports, Ranked #23)"

We knew if the Steelers failed to address the secondary we would have some long days but we were hoping to get some pressure to make up for it. The Carolina game notwithstanding, we have made Glennon and Hoyer look like Brady and Manning.

"Pittsburgh next plays three straight games at home (Houston, Indianapolis, Baltimore) before visiting the Jets and Titans. If there are any plans here to snap out of what has been two-plus years of perfect mediocrity — 8-8 in 2012, 8-8 in ’13, 3-3 so far in ’14 — it has to begin when this upcoming home stretch concludes. –Chris Burke (, Ranked #23)"

Perfect mediocrity. I think that says it all.

Bring it Steeler Nation!