Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Indianapolis Colts: Five Questions with the Enemy


Each week as the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for their matchup we will go behind enemy lines to get the scoop on the team they’re facing with a member of the FanSided Network. Today we have Evan Reller, editor of Naptown’s Finest, giving us the info on the Indianapolis Colts. He discussed how the Colts have been able to stay on their hot-streak, how fans view the Trent Richardson trade in year 2, and the matchup between Antonio Brown and Vontae Davis along with a prediction for the game.

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The Colts look like a totally complete team from offense to defense to special teams but what’s been the biggest contributing factor to the current 5-game win streak?

It’s really been two-fold: Andrew Luck playing at a near MVP-level and the defense completely shutting its opponents down. The Colts haven’t faced a ton of talent in the past five weeks either. They faced the rest of the AFC South, the Ravens, and Bengals. 

 While those AFC North foes are solid, their quarterbacks can be extremely inconsistent and the teams are not complete from top to bottom. So the schedule has helped quite a bit during this stretch as well. 

Are Colts fans satisfied with the Trent Richardson trade now that he’s combining with Ahmad Bradshaw to be the running back tandem?

The front office and coaches appear to be satisfied for now and are not actively pursuing any moves to shake up the roster, which is good. You can say that Richardson has gone from actively hurting the team to just being mediocre this season. Bradshaw is clearly the better back, but has to split carries to A) prevent injury and B) save him for a potential postseason run. 

No one has been able to shut down Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown yet this season. Vontae Davis seems to be the first shut-down corner he’ll go up against. How do you see that matchup playing out? 

Davis has played extremely well all season long, but Brown is certainly a big challenge for him. They haven’t faced anyone with Brown’s combination of speed and route running this season. I’d expect Mike Adams to roll over to Brown’s side of the field and offer support so he doesn’t burn them. 

 I doubt Davis shuts Brown down completely, but he will make life difficult for him on Sunday. 

Obviously Andrew Luck is the leader of the offense but how does it change without Reggie Wayne on the field?

Wayne is Luck’s safety net and easily the most reliable receiver on the team. While Wayne doesn’t have all his skills anymore, he’s still managed to get open and generally catch whatever is thrown his way. 

 That said it will give the Colts a chance to utilize their depth at the position. Hakeem Nicks had been itching for a big game and rookie Donte Moncrief is a wealth of potential. It will likely be those two and T.Y. Hilton doing the bulk of the damage on Sunday. 

What’s your prediction for the game with score?

I’d like to predict a Colts win, especially with the Jekyll and Hyde act the Steelers have been pulling this season. Road games are always tough and the Steelers have a way of playing a tight game against tough opponents. 

 That said, I think the improved defense and Luck will be too much for the Steelers to handle and the Colts win a close game.