AFC North Power Rankings: Week 11


Well there might not really be a point in doing these power rankings for too much longer, the Browns are in first place so the world is sure to end soon.  I guess one more week won’t hurt though, so here they are.  Hopefully the Browns aren’t in first next week so we can carry on.

56. It’s amazing to think that a team at 5-3-1 could be at the bottom of a division power rankings.  The AFC does, after all, have every member of five hundred.  The Bengals record does not tell the whole story, however.  They started out very hot with 3 straight wins, but they have looked less than stellar since.  Their worst performance of the season no doubt came against Cleveland last Thursday.  Their defense didn’t look that horrendous, but the offense was absolutely putrid.  Andy Dalton has to figure out how to play like an actual NFL quarterback if the Bengals want to compete.. 5-3-1. Previous: 2nd. Cincinnati Bengals. 4. team

3. team. 55. I’m not even going to bother bashing this performance because I have done the same thing in past power rankings and I’m sure I’ll do it in future editions.  The same problems that have come out all season came out again on Sunday.  The defense can’t rush the passer, they can’t cover down field, the offense can’t block in the running game, and Todd Haley can’t call plays.  Don’t forget about Mike Tomlin not being able to motivate this team in any sense of the word.  Until they can string together a few wins like they did a few weeks ago, they aren’t moving up any higher than this in a tough division.. 6-4. Previous: 1st. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Ravens are about as mixed of a bag as we’ve seen this season.  Other than the Steelers of course.  They even appear to be different teams within the same game.  Just this past Sunday the Ravens looked primed to lose against the Titans before they turned it on to get the 14 point win.  They also have seemed to alternate week to week just like the Steelers.  After suffering the blowout loss to the Steelers, they came out with a good performance this past week.  They don’t have the disease as bad as the Steelers do, but if they aren’t careful they could slip into the same pattern.. 6-4. Previous: 4th. Baltimore Ravens. 2. team. 26

53. Hell has officially frozen over.  The Browns are in first place in the AFC North and they come in first in the power rankings.  It is alarming for me to say, and probably for you to read, but the Browns have (sadly) clearly been the most consistently good team in the division this season.  They aren’t the most talented team in the division, amazingly I think that’s the Steelers, but they have been by far the best so far this year.  Mike Pettine, even though he is unlikely to win it, would be my pick for coach of the year.  If he were to win the award, he would have to give a share to Kyle Shanahan and Jim O’Neil because they have both been fantastic too.  Sadly I think the Browns could be here to stay.. 6-3. Previous: 3rd. Cleveland Browns. 1. team