Steelers Mike Mitchell Tweeted Someone To Commit Suicide


The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Titans on Monday night football, but it was in large part due to the incredible rushing performance of Le’Veon Bell.  The Steelers defense was left off the field for the last seven minutes of the game, which kept players like Mike Mitchell (who has struggled all season to make an impact on the defense when signed with the intent of being a better option than the mouthy and pedestrian performing Ryan Clark) from blowing it.  Mitchell has been graded poorly in just about every game this season when it comes to Pro Football Focus numbers.  He ranks 64th among safeties.  That’s pretty awful.

Turns out that Mitchell loves to run his mouth just as much as Clark did while in  Steelers uniform.  The only difference is that Clark was more of a media whore where Mike Mitchell likes to tell people to commit suicide.  Yup you read that correctly.  The complete context of what you are about to see is a little unclear.  But the gist is that someone (a fan, a blogger, someone) said something about Mitchell’s performance.  Mitchell wasn’t too happy about it and lashed out.

These images have been floating around the fringes of the Twit-O-sphere Tuesday morning.  Their authenticity has yet to be proven, but they seem entirely genuine and Jeff Sherer is a real and respected twitter account.

Not a very nice thing to say at all.  But then here it gets really bad from Mitchell.

Social media has never been kind to athletes.  It’s well known in Steeler Nation that Maurkice Pouncey had a social media faux pas when he went after fans who were upset following the overtime Wild Card game loss to the Denver Broncos back in 2012.  Pouncey called fans losers and touted that he was rich.  He didn’t gain any brownie points for being a young moron at that point in time.  But, he at least didn’t tell anyone to kill themselves.

I’m certain that this will be a divisive topic amongst fans.  But, if you look at the body of work – Mitchell’s poor performance, his swagger on the field when he’s done nothing all game and his team is down two scores, and now this…. man, the front office must be thinking about taking action.  You just can’t do that.  Classless and not cool.  Thus confirming what I wrote on Monday evening following the win – Mike Mitchell is a piece of garbage.

What a waste of money and space on the roster.  The Steelers FO needs to make a move on Mitchell – discipline or straight up cut, but this is absolutely uncalled for.  They need to show they have control of the locker room.  They are already letting LeGarrette Blount slip through with his antics, but this needs to end now.