AFC North Power Rankings: Week 13


The AFC North is still the tightest and, in my opinion, the best division in the league right now.  The sprint is going to be fun.  So after you watch the games come here to see how they stack up in new edition of the power rankings.

Previous: 2nd. Cleveland Browns. 4. team. 53. The Browns may have won again, but they also looked awful again.  For the past few weeks all of the Browns’ have been getting lucky enough to pull out wins, but eventually that luck will run out.  When it does run out the Browns will hit rock bottom very quickly.  Brian Hoyer has finally shown how awful he really is, the offensive line is succumbing to injuries, and the defense has looked bad all season.  Their play won’t be good enough to sustain the pace they’re on, so when their luck does run out they could be out of the playoff picture fast.. 7-4

55. Just like the Browns the Steelers have been able to pull out some close victories this season.  They have also had some very impressive wins and very disappointing losses however.  The good news is that they will be getting a significant amount of their defense back either this week or next.  Ryan Shazier, Ike Taylor, Troy Polamalu, and Jarvis Jones should all be returning soon.  I never thought in my life that I would be overjoyed by the thought of Ike Taylor on a football field, but that’s exactly how I’m feeling.  The Steelers schedule to end the season is pretty easy, so hopefully they can end up with 10+ wins.. 7-4. Previous: 3rd. Pittsburgh Steelers. 3. team

2. team. 56. The Bengals haven’t been playing the best football lately either, but they have had some very respectable wins the past few weeks.  They won by 17 against the Saints and then 9 against the Texans.  If the Bengals are getting back on track then they could be very dangerous down the stretch of the season.  If their play right now is just a flash in the pan, though, they aren’t likely to advance any farther than the first round of the playoffs like usual.. 7-3-1. Previous: 4th. Cincinnati Bengals

7-4. Previous: 1st. Baltimore Ravens. 1. team. 26. The Ravens pulled out about as impressive of a win as they could have two days ago, beating the Saints at home.  The game against the Steelers a few weeks ago is really the only awful game the Ravens have played this season.  The only other losses they have had this season have been by seven, seven, and three points.  They have now become the most consistent team in the division and right now I think they have the inside track at winning the division or at the very least as one of the wild cards.  If they keep up their current play we could even be looking at them as a team to make a deep playoff run.