Steelers Le’Veon Bell’s Punishment, Ben Roethlisberger Hand


The season is coming down to crunch time now that we have made it to December.  This month will be especially critical for teams in the AFC North.  There is a whole 1.5 games separating the leader and the rest of the division.  No one in the division is playing particularly well right now, either, so the title is still up for grabs.

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Bell’s Punishment Fits Crime

Le’Veon Bell‘s punishment was handed down from an Allegheny county judge today, according to Lexi Belculfine of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  That punishment includes a 15 month probation, a 2 day highway safety course, a $2,000 fine, and a suspended license for 60 days.  The last thing included in the sentence is a first time offender program that, if Bell completes it, could wipe his record clean and have charges dismissed.  This punishment is pending approval from a federal judge.  None of this includes a still possible punishment being handed down from the commissioner’s office next year.  Bell is the backbone of the Steelers’ offense and also the second leading rusher in the NFL.

 Ben Roethlisberger’s Hand is Fine

A report came out today that Big Ben broke a bone in his wrist, but would play on Sunday anyway.  According to the Steelers SB Nation site Behind the Steel Curtain, Ben is fine and doesn’t have any problem with his wrist.  That came directly from the quarterback himself.  Ben Roethlisberger went on to say, “Like I said, it was just loss of feeling in the two fingers and nothing that you can’t play through.  I got the feeling back and am ready to rock and roll today.”  Although Bell is the anchor to this offense right now, Ben is the one who provides the leadership and call the plays.  The passing game is also responsible for most of the big plays on offense this season.  Ben and Bell being, and staying, healthy will go a long way for a team trying to claw it’s way into the playoffs.