AFC North Power Rankings: Week 15


The AFC North power rankings get cloudier with every passing week.  It seems like every time a team has a chance to get a divisional win and pull away, they lose and bring the pack together again.  If things continue like this for the next two weeks, the Bengals could come into Heinz field three weeks from now to decide the division.

It looks like the Browns quarterback situation has finally caught up with them.  Everyone knew going into the season that quarterback was going to be a weak spot.  I looked like the Browns had managed to evade it somehow, but Josh Gordon coming back seems to have for some reason made the situation worse.  Now that there is officially a quarterback controversy brewing in Cleveland and young “Johnny Football” under center, you can expect that things won’t get much better this year.  I have my doubts that Manziel will ever be a starting caliber quarterback, but being thrust into a situation like the one in Cleveland pretty much guarantees he won’t be productive this year.. 7-6. Previous: 4th. Cleveland Browns. 4. team. 53

56. Now that the Bengals lost I finally have an excuse to move them down in the rankings.  It’s not that I personally have anything against the Bengals, it’s just that I thin there record doesn’t give a clear picture of how they have been playing.   The Bengals have been able to gather eight wins already this year without, in my opinion, playing very good football.  Andy Dalton isn’t bad all the  time but when he is bad he’s awful.  The defense hasn’t been up to the standard it has in the past few years either.  You never know what can happen if the Bengals hang on and win the division, but my bet wouldn’t be on them advancing far in the playoffs.. 8-4-1. Previous: 1st. Cincinnati Bengals. 3. team

55. The Steelers are probably the most talented team in the AFC North.  They are also probably the most inconsistent team in the division.  If they play like they did against the Colts, Ravens, and Bengals every week they would have at least 10 wins already.  There are plenty of teams that would be able to say that they would have 10 wins if they played their best football every game.  The Steelers coaches need to motivate and instill discipline in the players and the players need to translate that onto the field.  If they can do that then I have confidence for the rest of the season.. 8-5. Previous: 2nd. Pittsburgh Steelers. 2. team

26. Going down to Miami and winning isn’t something to be overlooked.  The Dolphins stadium doesn’t provide much of a home field advantage, but the team is one of the most underrated in the league this season.  This is a signature win for the Ravens that could catapult them into the playoffs.  If the Steelers are the most talented team in the division, the Ravens have been the most consistently good team.  There are very few games where the Ravens don’t at least keep it close.  There offense isn’t exactly high powered, but their defense surpassed all expectations and become a force to be reckoned with.. 8-5. Previous: 3rd. Baltimore Ravens. 1. team