Steelers Fans Holiday Gift Guide

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Personalized Jersey

A team jersey is an investment that not enough fans take into serious consideration. They’re not cheap so you’re going to want to make sure the player whose jersey you’re buying is going to be with the team for a while. You don’t want to make your fan “that guy” and by “that guy” I mean, the one who’s walking around on game day in the discounted Steelers Mike Wallace jersey. Heck, I’ll still see some Kordell Stewart jersey’s around occasionally.

If you want to make sure the jersey you’re purchasing will stand the test of time, why not get a personalized jersey? You can pick any number you like and have that person’s name or nickname embroidered on the back, giving it a super personal touch. Just make sure that you get the size correct, because these kinds of jerseys can’t be returned or refunded. Best to get a size bigger than what you think you’ll need. You can find personalized Steelers jerseys right here.

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