Steelers vs Chiefs: Some Surprising Facts

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Le’Veon Bell’s vs Jamaal Charles’ Hands

Charles has garnered a reputation of being a monster on the field and can be a TD machine at times.  He hits the hole hard and will drag a defender or two along with him before finally going down.  Surprising (or maybe not) fact: Charles has averaged over 5.0 yards per game his entire career.  That’s fairly astounding considering his injuries in the past.  Beast.

Bell is gaining a reputation and has been mentioned on numerous occasions throughout the land of NFL punditry of being the best NFL running back currently in the league.  Sorry, DeMarco Murray.  His YPG average is sitting at 4.9 per carry, but he does so much more for this football team with his pass catching out in the open and pass protection on play action or picking up the blitz.

He can also juke someone straight out of their cleats.  His skill set allows the Steelers to keep him on the field in any situation.  Dangerous.

Bell and Charles are formidable running backs.  But what about their hands?

Charles has been known to fumble a time or two. He’s averaged four fumbles a season, and they can come in spurts of losing the ball two or three games in a row.  Bell on the other hand has shown off his sure hands his first two season, putting the ball on the ground only once in 506 carries.  That’s a percentage of .002% of the time, Bell will put the ball on the ground.  Charles will put the ball on the ground 1 in every 55 carries.  I like those odds.

Little known fact… or at least a potential fact.  If Bell remains perfect in his ability to hold onto the ball, he will join only two other players to have gained 2,000+ yards from scrimmage and not fumble: Barry Sanders and Marshall Faulk.  That’s some nice company, don’t you think?

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