Steelers Coaching: Munchak Makes A Difference


Steelers coaches take blame after losses, but are not often applauded for wins. Mike Munchak deserve recognition for the difference in the offensive line.

I think team chemistry makes a difference between a winning season and a losing season.  It is one of the intangibles that you have a hard time putting your finger on.  How many times have you looked at a team and thought they had all the pieces but something was missing because the team just seemed to under-perform?  The Steelers have been in that boat recently.

When coaches and players come and go, it can take time for the team to “gel.” I’ve seem this in non-sports situations and I think it is even more of an issue in a sports team.

For several years, anyone could point to the Steelers offensive line as one area that needed help.  Injuries constantly took a toll and there were weeks when you may not recognize a few of the linemen in front of Roethlisberger.

But now, the running game is back and the passing game stats are beyond impressive.  The Steelers have brought together some awesome talent.  The “Killer B’s” are fun to watch.  The offensive line is making that possible. The team chemistry is there and the coaching is a part of that.

You have to give Todd Haley some credit here.  He has given fans their share of head scratching moments, that’s for sure.  So has Mike Tomlin.  However, Mike Munchak, as one of the recent coaching pieces of the Steelers puzzle, seems to be a breath of fresh air.

He’s a Hall of Fame player and brings some credibility just with that status.  You have to live up to it and I think the players are buying in to what he sells.  As Ron Cook from the Post-Gazette said in the beginning of November:

"He was the team’s best free-agent pickup of the offseason, better than any of the players it signed.”"

The game plan against Cincinnati  on Dec 7th was successful, very successful.  I hope this upcoming game goes the same way.  This is going to be hard fought and I don’t think Steeler Nation would want it any other way against a division rival.

I like what Munchak has brought to this team.  The Bengals did not get through to Roethlisberger last time and that will be so important in this game too.  Nothing can be taken for granted and nothing can be assumed.  Munchak makes a difference and the players respond to his in-game corrections.

I can’t wait for this game!  Here we go Steelers!

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