Steelers Jerome Bettis To Be Inducted Into Pro Football Hall of Fame


The Steelers love to run the football.

That statement was showcased best when RB Jerome Bettis was on the roster from 1996-2005. Now, he will be forever remembered by having his bust showcased at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

“The Bus.” Bettis made that name for himself early on in his career with his bruising up-the-gut style of running that would drag would be tacklers along the way, as if he was giving them all a ride.

Bettis may never have lead the league in rushing yards or attempts during any single season of his career. But, we all know that the Hall is not about one amazing season. The Hall of Fame is about the entire collection of work. The sustainability of greatness over time.

Bettis had a great thirteen year career. That seems like an incredibly long time considering how hard and how frequent Bettis ran. A body like that takes quite the punishment. He missed only 16 games out of those thirteen years – only the latter years showing signs of a body breaking down.

Bettis amassed 13,662 yards in that thirteen year span – good for 6th all time. He is tied for 10th all-time with former Steelers great Franco Harris with 91 touchdowns.

Bettis became the closer for the Steelers offense. By the time the fourth quarter rolled around, defenses were so worn out from having to take down the 250 pounder that Bettis began having his way with defenders – making it to the second level time and time again.

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Watching Bettis run was exciting and jaw dropping at times at what that big frame could do. Far from anything Barry Sanders-like, but Bettis could still spin and juke defenders. He quickly became a fan favorite, and quickly became synonymous with Pittsburgh and hard work.

If you’re still a doubter, you can head over to where they compiled a very thorough and convincing statistical breakdown of how Bettis compares to other current or would be Hall of Fame inductees.

The Bus has been denied the Hall four times since becoming eligible. Sometimes the 5th time’s a charm.

I’m just glad that I don’t have to write another scathing piece on how Jerome Bettis was denied the Hall once again.

Still Curatin and Steeler Nation with you a profound congrats on getting in, Jerome!

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