Steelers: Joey Porter’s Rise Through Coaching


Joey Porter, a former Steeler linebacker, is quickly rising through the Steeler coaching ranks.  He now puts his experience into mentoring.

Most of Steeler Nation will remember Joey not only for his explosive play on the field but also for his attention-drawing off the field outbursts.

Porter attended Colorado State University and was with the Steelers from 1999 to 2006.  He then had three years with the Miami Dolphins and two years with the Arizona Cardinals.

Porter has been known to shoot off his mouth and he is listed as #5 among Bleacher Reports 6 Most Insane On-Field Fights in NFL History.  Porter signed a one-day contract in 2012 to retire as a Steeler.  

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Porter’s first coaching job came as he was hired onto the Colorado State University coaching staff when he returned to the university to finish his degree in 2013. He wasn’t there long.

He was hired on in 2014 as a Steelers defensive assistant coach and some would say made an immediate difference bringing a new intensity that had waned with the defense over the previous few years.

Now the Steelers have promoted Porter to outside linebacker coach teaming up with Jerry Olsavsky.

It is quite a rapid rise; one I suspect is not unheard of. However, with Porter’s brash persona may have been unexpected.

His presence on the sideline is well document as the media often turn the camera on him.  His passion undeniable.  I think that we should acknowledge his quick transition and instant impact.  It is highly possible that Porter will rise to defense coordinator within a few years, maybe with the Steelers, maybe with another team.

Even though Keith Butler is now the defensive coordinator, it is possible that Porter may overshadow him.  Porter will continue to range up and down the sideline, cheering on the defense and the offense alike.

Maybe THAT is just what the Steelers need.  I look forward to seeing what more he brings next year.  Training camp will be fun to watch too.

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