Steelers Concept Helmet: Futuristic And Badass


The Steelers have a very iconic team logo. NFL fans and sports fans alike can easily recognize the tricolored diamonds on white a white background surrounded by black and yellow.

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So how can you improve upon an already recognizable piece of history? Well, a logo of Steely McBeam most certainly isn’t the answer.

Check this out. Deeyung Entertainment went ahead and re-conceptualized all 32 NFL team logos and put them on The logos on the helmets are huge and take up the majority of the right side of the helmet. They have a futuristic quality to them.

Scrolling through to the Steelers and one can’t help but say ‘wow’ when they see the iconic logo of old get a huge makeover – and one that I personally love.

As you can see, the helmet is completely redesigned. The logo is huge. The helmet is still black, but the white background for the diamonds is gone. Diamond plated diamonds? Hell, yes. Even the face mask gets an upgrade with it’s gold plate and hints of diamond plate there as well. It’s a pretty badass look, and I would love for the Steelers to have a helmet like this.

I’m not one usually keen on change when it comes to Pittsburgh sports franchises changing their logos. Did anyone really ever like the Pens logo from 1992-1998? How many times do they need to mess with that uniform? So glad that it is at least has the old school penguin that lasted about 30 years prior.

The Steelers logo hasn’t changed much over the course of the team history.

Here are the two logos fans have ever seen on a Pittsburgh Steelers uniform/helmet. But, what Deeyung has done is pretty darn cool, and I’m all for it.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see a logo change like this? Perhaps make it part of the third uniform and get rid of the bumble bees?

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