Steelers’ RB DeAngelo Williams More Than Just a Backup


Last year taught us a few things about the Steelers’ running back position: Le’Veon Bell is an offensive stud, and when he’s not on the field, the team suffers.

The signing of running back DeAngelo Williams  adds veteran depth at the position, and at a time when it is needed. Williams will be able to get up to speed quickly to step in for Bell during his impending suspension.

As far as non-starting roles go, this was the most important one for the Steelers to address this offseason. The absence of Bell changed the dynamic of the Steelers’ playoff game against the Ravens, and losing Bell’s number one back up, LeGarrette Blount, earlier in the season crippled the running game.

With a better character track record than Blount and the desire to prove he can still play, Williams will add a great angle to the backfield, as well as be a better professional mentor to Bell.

This could be the most important aspect of the signing. It was clear early on that Bell and Blount had a close relationship, however, that relationship involved getting arrested. Needless to say, Blount isn’t the best running mate for a young player that can be molded into an all time great.

Williams has the pro experience and desire to contribute in the twilight of his career that could make a difference for Bell’s professional development.

Hopefully Williams will not only add a viable running threat in Bell’s absence, but also exhibit a good locker room and off-field presence for Bell to emulate.

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