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He ain’t ready yet

Mar 31, 2015; Tallahassee, FL, USA; Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston throws during FSU Football Pro Day at the Albert J. Dunlap Athletic Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

Here’s a shocker. Jameis Winston might not be mature enough to handle the NFL yet. In other news, water is wet. Winston has gone through some “issues” at Florida State that include things from shoplifting friggin crab legs to sexual assault charges.

Attorney David Cornwell had represented Winston in the past and told Villanova’s Moorad Sports Law Journal Symposium that he didn’t think his former client was quite ready for the notoriety of being an NFL star, per ESPN.

"“He’s ready to be an NFL player on the field. But he’s not ready to be an NFL player off the field.” – David Cornwell"

The New York Jets heard this news and promptly brought Winston in for a pre-draft visit. I’m not even kidding, they totally did.

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