Steelers MMQB: NFL Offseason News

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Football in shorts

Twenty-five of the league’s 32 teams will open their doors for the first phase of OTAs today, which by the CBA terms must only include strength and conditioning as well as physical rehabilitation. The seven teams that will start the season with new head coaches this season got a week jump-start on the OTAs last week.

  The biggest headlines that typically come out of voluntary OTAs are the names of the players who choose not to attend. The big name or big contract guys who sit out of the voluntary workouts will be judged or excused depending on who important they are to the team and how universally liked they are as well. There will reportedly be a big name missing for the Pittsburgh Steelers as Antonio Brown is expected to skip the voluntary workouts in the hopes of obtaining a new contract.

Can’t say I blame him. Would you?

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