2015 NFL Draft AFC North Picks: Ravens Pick Maxx Williams


Let me preface this by saying that the Ravens are jerks. Just straight up jerks. The second round for the draft was starting to break in the Steelers way. There were a ton of non-cornerback picks made early and things started to look up as if trading up wouldn’t have been worth it anyway. Then, the Ravens stepped in and crapped over everything.

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The Steelers saw cornerback Jalen Collins be selected by the Falcons with the 42nd overall pick and then just a few picks later Eric Rowe was gone to Philadelphia at the 47th overall pick. Even Ronald Darby got scooped up by the Bills at pick No. 50.

But, wait, tight end Maxx Williams is still available. Sure the Steelers need a cornerback but just like how they couldn’t have passed up on the opportunity in the first round when Bud Dupree fell into their laps, they’d definitely be able to snatch up Williams and fortify their tight end corps for the future, right?

Nope. Not even close. The Ravens moved up two friggin spots to pick just ahead of the Steelers so they can take Maxx Williams and screw everything up. Jerks. The Ravens traded the 58th and 158th picks to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for the 55th pick to select Minnesota tight end Maxx Williams, rated as the top tight end in this year’s draft class.

The Ravens lost tight end Owen Daniels to free agency this season and while Joe Flacco said he was fine with whom the Ravens offense already had I guess the front office could give a crap what he thinks considering they drafted a wide receiver and a tight end so far. Man I hate those guys.

Your Pittsburgh Steelers will face the Ravens in Week 4 and then not again until Week 16.

What do you think Steeler Nation? Will the Steelers be able to remind the Ravens who runs the North or have they just added some offensive pieces that will make them too difficult to get passed this upcoming season?

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