Steelers: Most Intriguing 2015 UFDA Signings

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Sep 14, 2013; Bloomington, IN, USA; Indiana Hoosiers center Collin Rahrig (64) during the game against the Bowling Green Falcons at Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Collin Rahrig, Indiana, 6’2″ 285 pounds 

I’m not usually highly critical of the talent the Steelers pick up unless it really doesn’t seem to fit.  This is one of those that

makes me scratch my head.

Collin Rahrig was a center at Indiana but is listed as a Guard on the Steelers listing.  Again, I know that isn’t a big deal.

However, his pre-draft write up from isn’t kind:

"Extremely undersized. Short and light.”"

Of all the positions where you want someone to have a big of bulk, the offensive line is a main one.  Under the strengths, he is rated as “shows promise.”

Ok, I’m willing to see the Steelers give talent a chance.  Rahrig will get his chance though the strength and conditioning times as well as, presumably, on the field in the training camps.

It is too early to tell and even with his size issue, will and determination can make your formidable.  The point is protecting the quarterback so he can get the play off successfully.

Whatever it takes, right?

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