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Of course he signs in Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys may have gotten away with the biggest draft theft we’ll ever see in our lifetime. With just the price of one first-round draft pick the Boys walked away with cornerback Byron Jones, were able to snag OLB Randy Gregory in the second round and signed LSU’s offensive lineman La’el Collins as an undrafted free agent.

Collins went undrafted last week after his name has been tied to a pair of murders in Louisiana; his ex-girlfriend and her unborn child. After a DNA paternity test revealed that Collins was not the father of the late baby, it seems his NFL career jumped into full swing and he fielded offers from as many as 29 teams.

Naturally, however, the Cowboys came through with the best offer for Collings, the beauty of a GM not having to get approval from his finicky owner before making personnel decisions I suppose. This doesn’t mean that Collins has been officially cleared by the Baton Rouge Police Department in the murders, just that they can’t tie him to them at this point so they’re never really going to rule him out completely unless another suspect comes along.

Collins joins Gregory as part of the Cowboys draft class that involves players with “questionable” histories that made all other teams at least pass on them one time. Whether or not this risky move works out for the boys remains to be seen.

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