Former Steelers Ike Taylor Slowly Becoming Delusional In Retirement


The Steelers defense has struggled for a number of seasons. Since the wild card loss to the Denver Broncos, the Steelers D has yet to regain the mystique and dominance that made it such a force – and help win two of three Super Bowls.

Much of the Steelers struggles lied within the pass rush, which then exposed just how poor a secondary the Steelers really had on their hands.

Ike Taylor, while arguably a very good shut down corner over the course of his career, was part of the last few years that contributed to such dismal outcomes for this team.

So what does he think the Steelers defense for 2015 and beyond?

Well he at least likes Keith Butler and his schemes. He said as much in an interview on NFL Network – his new home and new role of a Leno-esque Jaywalking (catch the first 30 seconds of this video to understand).

“What I do like about Coach Keith Butler is he has a good game plan.”

Taylor at first wasn’t sure what to say about the Steelers defense going into 2015, but then a couple of wires crossed a few moments later, and he committed to the statement that the Steelers D would be back to being a “top 1, 2, 3, 4 no less than 5” defense.

I’m all for being optimistic. But, I’m also a fan of being a bit of a realist.

The defense is younger and faster. You could even say it has a high ceiling. It has a new coach, and there’s excitement that goes along with all of that. There’s also a large feeling of uncertainty that is coupled with unproven young talent.

It’s quite a stretch if nothing short of delusional to think that this defense will be a Top 5 defense. The Steelers have the hardest schedule in the NFL. Hands down.

They are going to face some of the most powerful offenses in the league, even if the Patriots are Brady-less.

I’m confident and optimistic that they will step up and make some big plays – more than their predecessors from seasons past – and give the offense some real opportunities to shut the door on some games.

But, I also believe that this young D will find themselves out of position, lacking poise, and flat out steamrolled on more than one occasion in 2015.

Top 15? I could easily go with that. Top 10? Only if guys like Bud Dupree, Daniel McCullers, Jarvis Jones, Cortez Allen, Shamarko Thomas, and Senquez Golson make a huge impact on this team.

Top 5?

Well, let’s just say that if they will be considered a Top 5 defense, then they are probably going to play a very important game on February 7th.

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