Steelers Harrison: Ageless Debo Won’t Worry About Snap Counts


The Steelers OLB James Harrison has become a household name in Steeler Nation for the last 13 seasons.

If it were up to the ol’ Silverback, he’d make sure he was around for the next 15 years.

When asked about his snap counts that were in the works for him this season, Harrison, as only he can, gave the perfect answer.

"I think I can play more than 25 snaps a game when I’m 50."

That’s quite the opposite of what outside linebackers coach, Joey Porter, believes. It’s been widely known that Porter and defensive coordinator Keith Butler plan on limiting Harrison’s snap count – more than likely in order to keep him fresh.

But, that’s not how Harrison trains. That’s how he is mentally prepared when he heads into a season.

Harrison did take snaps with the first team on Tuesday along with rookie Bud Dupree.

There is absolutely no certainty that Jarvis Jones will be ready to hold the starting role. Jones, who has been hampered by injuries since his rookie season, has yet to prove himself.

While most of Steeler Nation would love to have the former first round draft pick pan out and really step up this season, we really don’t know what he’s like when 100%. We may not see that for some time. Jones stated during week 2 of the OTA’s that his wrist is still not 100%.

Enter Deebo. If Jones can’t overcome his past injuries or racks up more, Harrison will be quick to get in there. And, eager too. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for this Steelers defense.

He may not be the force he was five or more years ago, but the 37 year old still has the fire and drive like he is a young buck of 22 right out of college.

The question becomes, if Harrison becomes the starter, will the Steelers be able to keep the leash on his snap counts? Or will they be forced to allow Harrison to participate in more snaps?

That may not be the most ideal situation for a defense that is making efforts to get younger and faster.

But, I’ll take an angry 37 year old Deebo over a broken youngin’ any week in the NFL.

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