Steelers Lucky Throwbacks Return for 2015


Remember the Steelers throwback uniform that so many love to hate and others hate to love? They’re back and maybe they should be called their lucky uniform.

The Steelers will once again wear the uniform originally worn in the 1930s for Nov 1st game during the 2015 regular season, when they play division opponent Cincinnati.

According to Ryan Wilson of, the Steelers have a winning percentage when wearing that uniform since they were reintroduced it in 2012.  They are 3-1 when wearing the uniform, which is one more game than they won wearing them in the 1930s.

I have never been a fan of that uniform and I’ve heard commentators calling it the ugliest uniform in the NFL. But hey, we have to go with whatever works, right?

I don’t live near Pittsburgh, even in the region, and I am amazed when I see those jerseys on a Steeler fan.  I think they have been really popular in the sales department, but I haven’t seen the figures on it.

That has to count for something besides that winning percentage, but sport personnel are superstitious, so let’s not mess with what works.

Personally, I don’t care what uniform they are in, I just want them to beat all the division opponents this year.  Heck, switch the uniform to the throwback for every game if it helps.

Wait, no, um, yeah, strike that.

I don’t want the Steelers to go 16-0 because I think that is just too much pressure, but I think I can wish for them to defeat Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Cleveland in all of those games, right?

Oh yeah, and win the opener. And the Super Bowl.  I don’t want much, do I?

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