Steelers Jerome Bettis: Favorite “Bus” Moments


Steelers Jerome Bettis heads to his much-deserved place in the Hall of Fame prompting some reminiscing and debating about his best Steelers highlights.

When I think of The Bus, I think of someone who would grind and grind through the defense to get the first down. I think of someone who powered through a wall to get whatever was needed.

I often wondered how Bettis withstood the hits.  Cowher is quoted on the Steelers “Memorable Moments” about Bettis:

"He takes some hits,” said Cowher early in 1997. “He’s not the type of guy like Barry Sanders, who’s going to get 14 yards and no one’s going to touch him. Jerome’s going to get 14 yards, but he’s going to run over three people.”"

I have a lot of respect for how Bettis played, but I can understand how many players cannot handle those kind of repeated hits.

Dependable and strong.  Someone who embodied the nebulous “Steeler Way.”

Bettis gave 100% at doing what needed to be done.  I’m not saying that no one else ever has and no one else ever will. I just like how Bettis did it.

Brian Urlacher was a great player and in 2005 Bettis ran him over. In the snow. Pretty great moment.  The kind of play that when you first see it, you shout or your mouth drops open. The kind of replay you love to watch even ten years later.

It’s awesome that his fellow players can’t say enough great things about him both as a player and as a man.

I can’t narrow down to one single play that is my favorite, but I do love the feeling of the Steelers winning a Super Bowl in his home town and that being The Bus’ last one.

I’m sentimental. I love to see the players playing for someone else and for something bigger than the individual.

So what do you think Steeler Nation?  Do you have a favorite Bus moment or play?  Shout out!

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