Steelers Fans Need To Vote For Antonio Brown


Steelers Antonio Brown is one of the hottest commodities in the NFL… maybe even in the sporting world during this offseason.

From being subject of “Best of…” polls, to being a buzz about fair compensation with a new contract, to appearing on HBO’s new series Ballers, to shooting commercials for NBC’s Sunday Night Football trailers and opening sequences, Brown is becoming a well recognized face among the general populace.

He can add another notch as he announced on Twitter on Thursday that he is up for an ESPY as the Best NFL Player.

Congratulations are most certainly in order. Brown’s achievements over the last two to three seasons have catapulted him to the front line in those who should be considered “the best.”

Now it’s time for fans to make it a reality.

While I strongly dislike anything and everything that comes from “The Network,” why shouldn’t Brown gobble up all the awards/accolades he can?

He’s deserving as such, leading the league in receptions and yards and coming in 2nd in touchdown receptions in 2014.

As an added incentive, fans should know the rest of the nominees: Texans DE J.J. Watt, Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, Eagles RB Demarco Murray, and none other than (you guessed it) Patriots QB Tom Brady.

That’s right. ESPN apparently has no problems including a suspected cheater who is in the middle of appealing a four game suspension handed down from the findings of Deflategate.

Tom Brady. Can. Not. Win. And, you know that lunatic and delusional Pats fans will come out in droves to vote in their boy Tom for that award.

Steeler Nation can’t let that happen, and we need to turn out in huge numbers to vote for the Steelers wide out phenom, AB.

Let’s say you, Nation. Are you with me?!

They may cheat away our Super Bowls but they will never cheat away our chance to vote AB for Best NFL Player!

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