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Hardy’s suspension reduced

Jun 16, 2015; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy (76) during minicamp at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Defensive end and domestic abuser Greg Hardy signed with the Dallas Cowboys in March after he paid off his victim to get his domestic violence charges dropped. The NFL gave him a 10-game suspension without pay in April. He appealed his punishment and on Friday an arbitrator reduced his suspension to four games.

The arbitrator, Harold Henderson, released a statement on his decision calling the 10-game suspension “simply too much”. He noted that the increase of ten games over what the NFL used to hand down as punishment (two games or nothing, depending on the popularity of the player) was too much given the fact that it was just last year that the NFL decided on six games to be the standard suspension for such a case.

Seems like the logical step would be to reduce it to six but Henderson went ahead and gave Hardy the same length of punishment that Tom Brady currently has, for his deflated balls. There’s little to no way now that Brady’s suspension stays at that length now.

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