Steelers News: Forging Steel, Running More, Brady to Fight


The Steelers summer vacation is winding down. They’ll be reporting to the dorms of Saint Vincent for the Steelers’ 50th season of training camp in Latrobe in less than two weeks. While the Steelers are enjoying the last of their summer break we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Thursday, July 16th.

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Forging Steel in shorts

Dick’s Sporting Goods is presenting a multiple episode look into the Steelers’ minicamp. This first episode takes us through the first day of minicamp and lets us know the intensity level is high right off the bat.

The episode singles out Antonio Brown and shows the effort and intensity that he puts into even football in shorts. Brown is known for his workout techniques and the concentration that he brings to the field whether it’s practicing or the game. The next episode previews the running backs showing newcomer DeAngelo Williams winning favors by handing out gifts.

Run the ball more?

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler explains why the Steelers can benefit from running the ball even more. If they can attain the goals of less than 30 sacks total for Ben Roethlisberger and more than 20 carries per game for Le’Veon Bell, they could vault themselves from being the high-yardage attacking offense they were last season to the league’s most potent offense this season.

Fowler suggests that an increased workload for the running backs could help out in the Steelers red zone offensive woes. Inside the 20-yard line the Steelers passed the ball almost 70 percent of the time but putting more balance into that mix could mean more successful trips to the red zone for the Steelers.

Brady and NFLPA ready for a fight

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to rule this week on Tom Brady’s appeal for his four-game suspension. CBS Sports is reporting that if any game of the suspension is upheld then we should expect the NFLPA to fight the decision in court.

If Brady is just fined instead of suspended, they’ll leave the decision purely up to him whether or not they’d want to fight that as well.

Steelers fans have a vested interest in how this plays out considering they face the defending Super Bowl Champions in the NFL season kickoff game on September 10th. Not having Tom Brady in the game offers an entirely new dimension to the matchups and game plan.

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