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Brady has his angry pants on

Feb 2, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (left) and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell pose with the Pete Rozelle trophy during the Super Bowl XLIX-Winning Head Coach and MVP Press Conference at Media Center-Press Conference Room B. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The last time the New England Patriots were under fire for a cheating scandal Tom Brady came out and set passing records on his way to damned near an undefeated season. That was eight years ago but Brady’s former teammate Rodney Harrison told the MMQB that he thinks Brady will come back this season with the same vengeance as he did after Spygate.

"“You’ve got way over $100 million in the bank. You’ve got a beautiful wife. You’ve got a beautiful family. The natural tendency would be to say, ‘I can lie in my silk sheets and just enjoy life now. I don’t need football.’ But I’m telling you: This is the best thing that could have happened to Tom Brady. This will rejuvenate him. The rest of the league better look out. This year, he’s going to make everybody pay for what’s happened.” – Rodney Harrison"

Even his current teammate, Julian Edelman told ESPN that Brady is fired up over the suspension and plans to take it out on the league.

"“He’s fired up – we’ll say that. You don’t want a mad Tom Brady, and he’s a little ticked off.” – Julian Edelman"

Roger Goodell was supposed to announce his decision on Brady’s appeal of his suspension last week but still hasn’t come out with it. Brady and the NFLPA are prepared to take the matter to court if his suspension isn’t vacated.

The question is for me though; what the heck is Brady so fired up about? That he got caught cheating? That the commissioner had the nerve to suspend him for it? Remember the Patriots organization accepted their own punishment and conceded to Goodell already. What is Brady fighting?

I think Brady is so arrogant that he honestly thinks he did nothing wrong. I think he believes he’s entitled to do whatever he wants to his footballs and if there are rules about what should and shouldn’t be done don’t apply to him. That’s why he’s “fired up” that’s why he’s going to take the league to court no matter what.

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