Steelers Triplets Getting Love from Madden 16


The Steelers Killer Bs are getting their due in Madden 16. In the run up to the August 25th release EA Sports is teasing out the player ratings position by position. As of today they’ve gotten through QB, WR, RB, and TE. Though Miller fell short of the Top 5 Tight Ends and Bud Dupree of the Top 10 rookies, Bell, Brown, and Ben were in the top 5 of each of their categories.

The triplets have been getting a lot of love this offseason and dating back to last season from the press and others in the NFL. Their are big expectations for the Steelers offense. Now however, perhaps the last word, certainly the most important for many NFL fans, is in. The Madden ratings are in.

First, Le’Veon Bell comes in at number 5 on the running backs list. It’s a little low for my taste but 4, DeMarco Murray, and 3, Jamaal Charles are barely better, the same over all rating. Adrian Peterson is 2 after missing a whole season and Marshawn Lynch is in at number 1.

Of Bell, said, “Bell is a dependable, every-down back with league-best 99 Carrying. He adds 83 Catching for third down, and has speed with 88 SPD/95 ELUS/97 JKM. Up the middle, he brings 84 TRK/92 SFA.”

Overall, I’d say Bell’s ability to buck a defender, or truck as they say in Madden, is underrated. He’s thought of as a back that eludes, and he does, but he’ll plow over defensive backs and he’s always falling forward when he goes down. His speed is low, but frankly he’s not a run by you guy. It was a fair grade from the folks at Madden.

Ben Roethlisberger came in as the 4th overall QB. This seems like a good spot for Ben. He’s certainly got elite talent, Super Bowls, and he’s a clutch player. The only thing that could holds Ben back is the occasional off game. Luck came in at number 5. Ahead of Ben was Drew Brees at 3, Tom Brady at 2, and Aaron Rodgers at 1. They’re pretty good QBs, I’ll give them that.

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Of Ben, said, “Big Ben is tops among all QBs with 85 Strength and 95 Throw on the Run, which makes him tough to bring down. He adds 94 Throw Power to 87 TAS/90 TAM/73 TAD, and deceives with 92 Play Action.”

The strength makes total sense. Throwing on the run is interesting given how much of a pocket passer Ben has been and becomes more as he ages. The accuracy ratings are probably accurate. Ben is a good quarterback in short yards but where he really shines is making a big accurate throw down the field.

Finally, Antonio Brown is the top overall receiver. He came in at number 1. He may have lost the cover to Odell Beckham Jr. but he can keep it, along with the inevitable career threatening injury he is cursed with enduring at some point this season. Beckham Jr actually came in at 4, right above Julio Jones. Number 3 is Calvin Johnson and number 2 is Dez Bryant. Brown stands atop them all as the best pass catcher in the game.

Of Brown, EAsports,com said, “The NFL’s leading receiver has top marks with 99 Catching and 99 Route Running. His raw skills include 90 SPD/96 ELUS/91 ACC. Other outstanding ratings are 95 JKM, 93 SPC, 98 CIT.”

Given on field performance last year Brown deserves to be the top overall receiver. That’s how he played. His catching and route running are as good as it gets and frankly it deserves to be. His speed is a little low but he’s not a track star. His acceleration is really what his legs excel at and his rating reflects that accurately. I would actually consider giving him a higher rating for elusiveness but I’ll take it.

These ratings also add fuel to the opinion that the Steelers have the best triplets in the league. No other team had a player in each or any of the top 5 in the categories in question. The Cowboys were the only ones with two even. It’s impressive but it’s tough to argue with any of these ratings given the performances each of these players gave last year.

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