Steelers: fantasy football draft steals

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Fantasy fanatics rejoice! As preseason football is finally upon us, that means fantasy drafts are right around the corner and it’s time to start reading up on those mock drafts and prepping your pick strategy. Of course as a fantasy football player, you always want to draft your team’s players; and luckily, Steelers Nation has a lot of players to choose from this season. So when and where should you take your favorite Steelers players in your draft?

First rounders:

With the Steelers high powered offensive kicking on all cylinders, there are two Steel City players that will almost certainly be taken in the first round of any fantasy draft. Since fantasy football has turned into an extremely RB heavy league, the first player likely to be taken (most likely in the top four picks) is Le’Veon Bell.

Despite being suspended for the first two games of the season, Bell is expected to continue the immense success that he had last season. With over 1,300 yards rushing last season and eight TDs, a two game absence shouldn’t knock these numbers down too much.

What truly separates Bell from other running backs in the fantastic receiving numbers he puts up out of the backfield. Last season alone he had 860 receiving yards and eight TDs. If he’s available when your pick comes up, I’d highly suggest picking him up.

However, if getting Bell doesn’t seem to be in the cards, there’s another phenomenal option in the first round for Steelers fans: Antonio Brown. Brown is debatably the most consistent receiver in the league; the All-Pro WR is currently on an NFL record 32 game streak of five catches for at least 50 total receiving yards.

Brown was an absolute nightmare for secondaries last season, as he amassed 129 receptions for over 1,600 yards and 13 TDs. His soft hands, excellent route running, and elusiveness in open field allow him to not only make the catch, but get additional yards afterwards. If you have a mid to late first round pick, Brown would be an excellent option.

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