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The Steelers are wrapping up their last week of training camp in Latrobe prior to their preseason home opener against the Green Bay Packers. While the Steelers are sweating in the hot Latrobe sun we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Tuesday, August 18th.

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Sweating at Saint Vincent

Monday was a hot and humid day in Western PA and the Steelers resumed practice with an excited Mike Tomlin. Coach Tomlin makes no secret that he likes to have the team practice in the elements to present them with the kinds of challenges they might face in the regular season.

He spoke to the media following Monday’s practice and updated the injury status for guys who returned to action.

"“Another good work day for us. I liked the elements. It was hot and uncomfortable but that is part of the process. Hopefully that ages and stresses them in some ways, making them concentrate and executing in the midst of it. We don’t have control over the weather. It was just a good rep to deal with the conditions like we had today. Good energy and enthusiasm with some of the things that we have been doing. Guys are working hard. We got some guys back positionaly, continuing to work guys like Daniel McCullers and Rob Golden and some other guys. Mike Mitchell and others continue to work back from their injuries, and it was just good, general work from an overall standpoint.” – Mike Tomlin"

Waiting for Dupree to explode

We’re used to having to have patience with young players in the Steelers defense. It’s been well documented that Dick LeBeau’s defensive scheme was complicated and took time to learn. We haven’t lost our patience now that Keith Butler has taken over at the defensive helm but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to see first-round pick linebacker Bud Dupree have a breakout season right out of the gates.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler responds to comments made by Louis Riddick about Dupree from his appearance on the Ryen Russillo Show this week. Riddick explained that Dupree doesn’t strike him as a true pass rusher and implied that Dupree hasn’t shown the goods thus far.

Fowler defends Dupree and cautions that the Steelers are going to have to have a reasonable amount of patience with him but his athleticism and speed can certainly aid in his development as a solid pass-rusher.

Still no new contract for Brown

The PPG’s Ray Fittipaldo reminds us that for the second time this year Antonio Brown’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus has leaked that his client was unhappy with his contract situation and attempting to negotiate a new one.

Brown has $42 million and three years remaining on his contract and it is a little less than unlikely that the Steelers are actually ever going to consider renegotiating with him until his last year of the deal.

Fittipaldo explains that it is understandable how Rosenhaus and even Brown think that he’s outplayed his prior contract but that just doesn’t change how the Steelers operate when it comes to contract and they can’t afford to set the precedent to renegotiate this early.

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