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After two preseason games it is most probably still early to make concrete predictions regarding this teams’ potential.  It seems as though the defense is where it has been the last couple of years, giving up too many passing yards to the opponent while not applying enough pressure on the quarterback.

So also as is the way of late, the offense will be responsible for leading the team to wins.  They appear poised to do so.  The offensive line has jelled and is becoming a unit of strength, maybe one of the best in the league.

Then of course there are the “Killer B’s”, superstars Antonio Brown, Le’Veon Bell, and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

All in all, this is a great offense.  So with so much pressure on this great offense to score more points than their opponent each and every week, if the quarterback has to miss time, it would be devastating.

After Ben, the depth chart lists Bruce Gradkowski, then Landry Jones then Tyler Murphy as the teams’ QBs.  While I watched Chad Henne move the Jaguars down the field to score a touchdown against the Steelers on Friday, I thought to myself, why have the Steelers not better addressed the quarterback position after Roethlisberger?  I would love if Chad Henne was the back up!

To be honest I do not have any confidence in the other three quarterbacks being able take control and win a game this year, like Charlie Batch and Dennis Dixon did during the beginning of the 2010 season when Ben was serving a suspension for the first four games of the season.

This team like their 2010 counterpart can lean on their running game but not on their defense.

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Gradkowski practiced for the first time this season on Sunday after having been in street clothes since the spring with a shoulder injury.

Landry Jones has been playing the most by far in the first two preseason games, and he didn’t get much help from his receivers in Jacksonville.

He threw a handful of nice balls that were dropped, no fault of his own.  The team knows what they have with Ben, so maybe the other three at the position will be heavily scrutinized for the remaining three games, as they should.

While the back-up QB position could have probably been better addressed over the last couple of years, there is still time to be sure about your number two.

With such a hard schedule the team must be able to win a game or two even without their starter.

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